Texas Imagery Service leverages new Content+ licensing model

At the NSGIC 2020 Annual Conference, Hexagon announced the launch of Content+, a new initiative that provides state governments with more flexibility over their imagery data. Randy Mayden, Business Development Manager at Hexagon, was joined by Richard Wade, Deputy Executive Administrator of the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) and Texas State GIO, to offer more perspective on the benefits of the Content+ initiative to state imagery programs.

States governments enjoy more flexibility with Content+

The Content+ licensing model for state governments allows imagery to be purchased above standard specifications while enabling the cost efficiency of investing in Hexagon’s content ecosystem. Along with the leaf-on imagery that’s accessible through the HxGN Content Program, states now have the ability to procure various geospatial data products with Content+ such as leaf-off data, higher resolutions, and more frequent updates over urban areas.

Content+ also offers a flexible financial model that allows payment over a 3-year timeframe. By choosing the HxGN Content Program, states benefit from a simple aerial imagery approach designed to make planning and budgeting easier, especially during these unpredictable times.

In addition to maintaining or expanding characteristics of existing state programs, state governments have immediate access to the HxGN Content Program’s standard offerings:

  • Immediate imagery access and data sharing under licensed product agreement
  • Choose between hard copy data and data streaming – or both
  • Financial models that expedite procurement, planning, and budgeting
  • Single contracting source and committed data refresh in your state

Texas Imagery Service joins the HxGN Content Program

With the help of Applied Geographics, a geospatial IT company and Hexagon partner, the Texas Imagery Service became the first program to take advantage of Content+, collecting at a 6-inch resolution across the state with higher refresh rates in select urban areas. The organization will benefit from new features and capabilities through its partnership with Hexagon while providing higher quality content and improvements to its imagery program.

At NSGIC 2020, Richard Wade shared his top eight reasons for leveraging the HxGN Content Program’s imagery data and adopting the Content+ licensed pricing model:

  1. Hexagon is a company focused on delivering geospatial technology solutions
  2. Imagery across the state is more consistent due to image acquisition all in one year
  3. Imagery refresh statewide is increased due to 3-year schedule
  4. Opportunity to define the acquisition of urban areas, timing, and extents
  5. More horizontal accuracy due to more rigorous orthorectification and ground control
  6. Attention to critical details (i.e. color balance and shadow definition)
  7. Access to color infrared imagery (CIR)
  8. Maintain existing license and use restrictions

Watch the on-demand recording to learn how the State of Texas is benefitting from its partnership with Hexagon!

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