New imaging sensor enables flexibility to cover States’ aerial imagery needs

In this presentation, Katie Fitzsimmons, Business Development Leader at Hexagon, will share a sneak peek of the new Leica ContentMapper, a high-performance imaging sensor with twice the efficiency of previous sensor generations at the same acquisition parameters.

Optimal efficiency and increased flexibility for State Governments

The ContentMapper will enable the HxGN Content Program to offer State Governments more flexibility in fine-tuning their statewide aerial imagery needs. Given the needs of GIOs, decision-makers and stakeholders to drive innovation, the advancement in technology will bring new possibilities to states as they consider their aerial imagery needs. From leaf-on or leaf-off imagery to single or multiple collections in the same season, the investments in new technology that Hexagon has made will help bring States’ imagery program needs to life.

The new technology is the latest addition to the HxGN Content Program sensor family, bringing more data and higher resolution imagery to the program. Watch the presentation to learn about the technical performance and acquisition capabilities of the ContentMapper sensor and workflow as well as the increased efficiency and flexibility it enables for state governments.

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