Hexagon completes DDO® 2020 summer orthophoto collection of Denmark

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, (29 October 2020) — Hexagon’s Geosystems division announced today the HxGN Content Program, the largest library of high-accuracy airborne data in Europe and the U.S., has completed the refresh of its high-resolution summer orthophoto database of Demark, called the Danish Digital Orthophoto (DDO).

The summer orthophoto was captured after foliage so that users can see trees, bushes and grass in bright green colours and the crops in growth. Due to the clear visibility of vegetation in rural and urban areas and the availability of the data as traditional RGB and/or colour infrared version (CIR), Hexagon’s DDO program is ideal for analysis and illustration. DDO utilises the most advanced airborne mapping sensors and data processing technologies in the market, to create a seamless 12.5-centimetre resolution orthophoto mosaic based on 15-cm Ground Sample Distance (GSD) data of all of Denmark.

“The DDO program, a well-known Danish brand, has been providing high-resolution orthophotos to the Danish and European market since 1995,” says Steen Davidsen, Business Development Director, Geospatial Content Solutions, Hexagon’s Geosystems division. “New in 2020, the data is part of the HxGN Content Program, which also provides a seamless orthophoto across Europe, allowing our customers to access a pan-European data set reaching outside the borders of Denmark.”

New subscription model improves flexibility
The 2020 images will be available on a subscription-based WMS/WMTS service and through Hexagon’s Multi Viewer browser. Users can view the data and integrate it into a broad range of GIS applications, mobile phones and web applications, for use in planning, transport, environmental, telecommunication and energy distribution applications.

The data is considered an ideal training data set for machine learning algorithms that depend on steady streams of input to automatically recognise unique attributes. Customers can use artificial intelligence to automatically extract features in the data to provide valuable information about buildings, roads, railways, vegetation, solar panels and many more.

For more information or to order data, please contact [email protected] 


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