6 things you should know about the HxGN Content Program

There is an increased demand to power decisions with aerial imagery. The HxGN Content Program, a premier source for professional airborne imagery provided through the cloud, was created to satisfy the demand for current, accurate data for professionals. With an ongoing trend from a purchased-and-owned service to a faster streaming service, the Hexagon Content Program, is taking the geospatial industry to the online cloud.

Here are six things that you should know about one of the most accurate imagery programs in the world:

  1. The HxGN Content Program provides off-the-shelf, high-resolution, quality controlled and regularly updated orthophotos and is currently available in North America and parts of Europe.
  2. The program uses industry-leading Leica Geosystems capture technology, such as Leica ADS100 and Leica DMC III airborne sensors, for collection and Leica XPro and Leica HxMap for post-processing.
  3. The ortho rectified imagery is available at 30-centimetre resolution in Wide Area Coverage (WAC) and Urban Area Coverage (UAC) at 15-centimeter resolution.
  4. The program will update its airborne imagery for more than 3.9 million km² in North America and add approximately 650,000 km² in Europe (bringing Western European coverage to more than 2.2 million km²) by the end of 2017.
  5. The content is collected by partners that help to extensively grow the coverage and provide data before extraction and classification for a variety of applications.
  6. The HxGN Content Program will offer elevation data in the near future. Currently in testing, the elevation program will provide high-density calibrated point clouds collected with single photon LiDAR technology at an average point density of 8 points per square meter and will cover the entire United States.

Play the video below to learn more.


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